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Aug 30, 2012 at 06:59 PM

How to delete a company code in productive client?


Dear experts,

We had a company that was created and move it until our Production system. However, once it was delivered in Production due to business reasons we decided to don’t use it. So, in our tests clients we do have master data and transactional data but in our Production system we only have master data like cost centers and accounts, but we do not have any transactional data. This company will never be used.

We have asked how to delete this company code and we have also searched information about this and we have the following items to check. However, we want to know if you had have experience on this and if there is something that is usually don by your own consultants following the t-codes mentioned below or if it will be necessary to hire someone with this experience. Is there anything that we should take into account a part of what is listed below?

* Delete company code by using t-code EC01

* Delete all postings with the help of OBR1

* Cancel all master data (G/L accounts, Debitors, Creditors, etc.)

*Correct your customizing entries.

* Also we have to remove the productive indicator by OBY6

* The t-code EC01 only delete the company code, but not the relationships. So, I think we will have to go through all our configuration to be sure this company is not there.

Please let us know your thoughts,