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Aug 30, 2012 at 11:51 AM

Issue with DTP loading


Hello BW experts,

I'm facing an issue with a DTP in BW while loading data.

This DTP extracts Data from from a datasource into an Infocube.
FYI, this Datasource is built on a table present in BW (not in ECC or external system)

The problem is the following:

If I take the example of the last test request:

The package size is very high (defaut values proposed by BW during DTP building), and the number of inserted values is wrong.

In fact, the DTP takes 306 records from the table present in BW and inserts 536 lines (the difference is wrong data)

Logically, this kind of issues should be provoked by an error in transformation. But there are no errors detected by the system and the transformation is logical.

Does someone has an idea that could help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your help.



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