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Aug 30, 2012 at 07:57 AM

Mapping problem with filter condition


I have a souce structure like this:

<master node A>
<node A>
<element A>xxxxxxxxxxx</element A>
</node A>
</master node A>

And a target structure like this:

<master node B>
<node B>
<element B> </element B>
</node B>
</master node B>

Then I have a filed mapping

<element A> -> substring(0,8) -> <element B>

There are two possible types of content in <element B>, a string with a length of 10 or an empty string. That’s why I have added a condition to the mapping of <node A> to <note B>.

IfWithoutElse (<element A> != "" ) <node A> -> <node B>

<element A> has the context of the <master node>.

In general this condition works. If I look in the queues (graphical mapping tool) I can see, that I get a "SUPRESS" for <node B> if <element A> is an empty string. But nevertheless I get a mapping error from the substring function. I can't understand this. Why PI tries to map the child element although the parent node won't be mapped. Where is my fault?