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Aug 30, 2012 at 06:46 AM

change log deletion issues


hi all, i have to manually delete change log entries from some 30 DSO list manually.

we have created process chains for it, but its not deleting for some reason, we have created a ticket to SAP on this.

till it gets resolved, its my task to manuallty delete change log requests from DSO from so many DSO's

i need some help on this.

1. is there any table , from which upon giving DSO list, it shld display

the number of entries in each DSO,

created date for entries

- from this i can decide upon what selections i need to give to delete change log entry

-like if more than 60K entries , i want to decide to delete

-if created date > 7 days, i want to delete........

2. pls give me tips to do this in a short span and easier way