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Aug 30, 2012 at 03:57 AM

Can i change standard SAP defaulted Life Span of view?



I have 2 views, as MAIN view, where in user enters selection criteria

And the 2nd and final view, whwere in i have adobe interactive form

I built the navigation btwn these 2, well.

I am throwing popup messages/alerts to user and user clicks the provided buttons, well.

2nd time onwards, I am getting issues when navigatin from MAIN to adobe_2nd_final_view,

I am guessing bufffer issues

So, i decided to chanege the final_adobe_view properties of life span of view changing from frame work controlled (default) to when visible

Now, my issues fixed.

Pls. let me know is i change the life span of view on the properties tab from frame work controlled to when visible, any danger? any comments? any precautions pls?

Thank you