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Aug 29, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Unexpected database connector error - A column has been specified more than once in the order by list.


If a report is grouped on a date field and subdivided annually, then another group is created on the same date field and subdivided monthly, an "Unexpected database connector error" is thrown. The underlying error for Microsoft SQL Server if the sql is run manually is "A column has been specified more than once in the order by list."


Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0.13

To Reproduce:

1. Create a report.

2. Add a group on a date column and subdivide annually.

3. Add another group within that group, on the same date column, and subdivide monthly.

4. Show the SQL and try to run against Microsoft SQL Server.

The SQL created should look something like:

select "tranDate"

from "Table"

order by "tranDate", "tranDate"

The problem does NOT occur in Crystal Reports 2011 as the generated sql does NOT have the order by.

Is there a runtime setting in Crystal Reports for Eclipse to suppress the generation of the order by? We know of a few workarounds by changing the report, however, we don't want to change 100's of reports. We are looking for a fix or a runtime workaround.