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Aug 29, 2012 at 06:15 PM

"Valid to" date on a costing sheet for the crediting cost center


We currently have a costing sheet setup with a crediting cost center. I was informed that the cost center is no longer valid as of October 1st. The current line item is shown below:

Valid to Cost element OrgGroup Fixed % Cost Center 12/31/9999 8XXXXX 100% 3XXXXXXX

I know that I can change the first row to now only be valid until the end of this year. Also, I believe that I can add a new row stating the same information just now with the updated cost center. However, my question is...If there is a posting in September won't both lines be valid and will this cause and issue? If so, does that mean I can only add the second line item on October 1st?

Valid to Cost element OrgGroup Fixed % Cost Center 09/30/2012 8XXXXX 100% 3XXXXXXX 12/31/9999 8XXXXX 100% 2XXXXXXX