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Aug 29, 2012 at 05:35 PM

Homogenous System Copy in Windows 2003 server and Sql server 2005


SAP Gurus,

I am going to start a system copy tomorrow from PRD to QAS with windows 2003 server and sql server 2005 with same kernel level. I am trying to find the procedure to perform the copy and found below. Please help and let me know if these are correct. I appreciate your help at the earliest.

  1. Pre-copy steps
  2. Save copy of target profiles
  3. Save copy of app server profiles
  4. Export of source system files using sapinst (With DB running and Application shutdown)
  5. backup source system
  6. restore target using source backup
  7. Delete the profiles of CI using sapinst of Target system
  8. Install Central Instance of target system - using sapinst and export file in step 4
  9. Retrieve original profiles of target CI
  10. Uninstall App server using sapinst
  11. Install App server using sapinst
  12. Retrieve original profiles of target app server
  13. Post-copy steps