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Please update how to migrate and create1000 substance specs in SAP EHS through legacy system


Can anybody update,how to migrate and create 1000 specs using mass upload in SAP EHS.Is there any steps and process to upload through legacy system (spreadsheet) to create 1000 specs in SAP.Is there any steps for doing those uploading through LSMW or BDC.

Thanks and Regards,

C.Bharat Kumar Reddy


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 29, 2012 at 06:39 PM


    answer is "yes and no". LSMW or similar tools are used vary rarely to make uploads in EH&S. EH&S contains by it self a standard upload interface so normally LSMW is not used; further on tools like OCC are available on the top. Now in > 90% of the cases you need to perform "mappings" between old and new system structure. The reason is that normally the old system does have a different customizing set up in comparison to the new system and different phrases are used.

    What does that mean? First important step in such a migration of data is therefore:

    1.) analyse differenc in customizing (source target); included in this analysis is: is there the different in property tree?

    2.) in most case there is a difference in used of phrases; therefore phrases need ot be mapped etc.

    To use standard EH&S interface (export/import) is normally sufficient; the mapping steps are done different based on project and therefore different solutions exists.

    Therefore the time consuming step is not the download (there is a standard EH&S export available as well) but the mapping

    With best regards


    PS: that means that EXCEL or other tools are in most cases not helpful to make down or uploads in SAP EH&S

    PPS: Standard export / import is described here:


    Tools (EHS-BD-TLS) Subchapter: Export / Import

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    • Dear Bahrat


      First requirement:

      We have an requirement to add new identifier and make config changes to add it and that part is clear and we can add it.But now the user requires,there are 150-200 specifications which these new identifier should be added through mass upload.

      Please let me know,is there any was to add the new identifier in identifier tab of all list of specifications.

      => please use standard ehs impoert process if possible; only in case that you do have thsi requirement very often/regularly the DataEditor might be the better tool

      Second requirement:

      As mentioned in your reply,can you please let me know,whether we can upload 1000 specs in SAP from legacy system,the bussiness is going to provide us 1000 specs in spreadsheet.Those we need to create in SAP in substance spec spec using migration.

      I guess those specs should be created in SAP and will be updated in the table ESTRH with different GUID.As u said we can import/export those specs and create it in SAP.

      Waiting for your quick response.Thanks in advance.......

      With Regards,

      C.Bharat Kumar Reddy

      This is my assmption: in the spreedsheet file the cusotmer prepare data like: substance nature and identifiers as required; normally by using "inteligent" macros in EXCEL you can prepare EHS standard import files

      by using EH&S standard import you can create "specs" and later add data to them; prerequisite ist to prepare the load file as required.

      LSMW is normally not the tool in context of EH&S. If you prepare a research in this FORUM you will find threads there somebody is claiming to use LSMW to generate new phrases etc.

      I am no so familiar in the use of LSMW because of the fact that we always use the standard import interface of EH&S to do the job. The main reason is that in doing so a number of EH&S checkroutines are considered automatically; I have no experise if you could prepare a similar set up in LSMW and if so in my opinion you need to prepare some "code" to do so; why not use EH&S standard and avoid "coding"?