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Aug 29, 2012 at 02:01 PM

rebate agreement is not updated


Dear SAP Experts,

here is my customer problem :

  • they create a rebate agreement at the begining of the year with accrual lets say 3% and amount 3% also
  • they continue issuing their invoices with the accrual rate calculated. at the end of the year
  • they preview the rebate agreement and decide the real amount that will be given to customer according to their sales volume. so they change the accrual value to 4% instead of 3% and the amount to 4% also .

here is the steps i followed :

  • i create a rebate agreement ( customer rebate ) using VBO1 , set the condition accrual at 3% , the scale and the material for settelement
  • i created several invoice documents until the scale i enter first is reached
  • i updated the billing documents using (VBOF)
  • i went to view the rebate agreement VBO2 , the sales volume is now current , the amount to accrue is 3% and ready for settelemt
  • now i want to change the accrual rate from 3% to 4%
  • i went again to (VBOF) to update the billing documents , the following message appears ( document 900xxx is aleardy assigned)

i also tried to go to report VOB3 to compare the accrual rate and correct backlogs , it gives me error that no accrual correction is possible

how shall i update the previous documents with the new accrual rate to be calculated ? shall i change only the accrual rate or accrual rate and amount ? is there is any work around to acheive my customer request ?

Thanks a lot in advance

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