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Aug 29, 2012 at 12:20 PM

new scorecard measures not showing in library



we are currently testing with SAP SSM 10 on top of some BW cubes.

At start we defined 3 measures in the strategy/bi screen, to have our measures for the scorecards. This worked fine and we were able to create scorecards on top of the measures via the administration console and the KPI

Now we want to enlarge our scorecard and wanted to add 1 extra measure in, to create a new KPI on top of that measure.

We opened the strategy/bi part and added in the measure we needed, completely with the actual measure, the target measure and how the trend should be evaluated.

Afterwards we opened the administration console to add in a new KPI for the appropriate context.

In the library we can see the measures that were created before, but not the new inserted measure.

We already tried several things to solve this issue, includig an update of the data and a reboot. None of these actions had success.

Can someone help us out in telling us what we do wrong, or which step we are missing to have our measure available in the screen to create a scorecard.

Thanks in advance.