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Aug 29, 2012 at 09:10 AM

Can HANA be used for broadcasting or like a APD ??


THe queries are running for long time, the BW performance is not good, its lousy, we have been hearing this from the user for quit sometime now.

The users endup with such statement because they are running huge detailed reports , with about 15 characteristics and 5 key figures and execution is for minimum 2 years..(2009 to 2011).. The data is not less than million records.

So we now have to make a choice for BWA or HANA to fix this problem. BWA or HANA would fix the query execution time.
But , we also have another problem, i.e, this huge detailed report has to be broadcasted or exported to the sharepoint or application server. We tried using the precalculation server, but it was not of much help.
I also understand that we have APD tool to export such huge data, but APD has limitations, like variable selection screen should not have "mandatory" fields.. etc...

Will HANA take care of this issue as well ??..
So can HANA export huge data to application server, do this tool has such a feature ??