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Aug 29, 2012 at 07:57 AM

Comparison of different hierarchy levels in columns


Dear all,

I've a very interesting reporting requirement and not sure how to solve. The requirement is based on one key figure and one characteristic with a hierarchy. At first I want to select a Hierarchy node at the variable screen. I want to display the value of the keyfigure for this choosen hierarchy node in the firest of my three cols. Then there exists a rule which defines for each hierachy node 2 reference levels. These levels are defined by a node and depend on the choosen first node. The other two levels are called reference level 2 and 3. Now I want to show the node values for the same key figure in col 2 and 3. So far I've created three hierarchy node variables. The first is ready for data entry and selects my lowest level. The two other variables uses a customer exit to calculate the node by the rule. Then I assigned each variable to a selection in my columns to select the data for each node. That works fine.

Now I describe my problem. I've to display in the same row which displays my aggregated key figure in three cells the cha. which is used in the selection of each row. How can I do that?

Here an example: Org. Hierarchy:


|- Node 4711

|- Node 4811

Expected result: Org. Unit (entered) Org. Unit (ref. 2) Org. Unit (ref. 3) KYF (Sum of entered node) KYF (Sum of ref. 2) KYF (Sum of ref. 3) 4811 (and Text) 4711 (and Text) Group (and Text) 2 5 18