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Aug 29, 2012 at 07:37 AM

Howto configure init<SID>.sap for DBACOCKPIT full and log backup


Hi experts,

topic sounds maybe strange, but I need help in configuring the parameters for backup of database and redo logs correctly.

I have a newly installed solution manager 7.01 EHP1 on Win 2003 R2 x64, Oracle 10.2.04 as the database. As the archive log directory is continiously growing I tried to run a full backup with redo log backup from transaction DBACOCKPIT. The full backup run correctly, whereas the redo log backup failed, but gave me no log file to view any errors?! I cannot find the log file.

By searching the web I found some hints that the parameters for brarchive with "-cds" do not work, which where entered automatically.

In the file init<SID>.sap I only changed 3 parameters to to the backup to hard disk:

backup_mode = full

backup_dev_type = disk

compress = yes

When I run the redo log backup job from transaction manually with option "-sd" the log files are moved from log directory into the backup directory. This is fine so far. But after the next full backup I assume that I do not need them anymore so they can be deleted?!

Is this correct?

Can you guide me with parameter settings to enable the following backup strategy through DBACOCKPIT (if possible)?

I only want a one week cycle with (This is not for productive use):

- Monday-Friday: Incremental backup

- Saturday: Full backup offline (with redo log backup and delete)

- Database checks (as given by default from DBACOCKPIT)

How to achieve this in order that the respective backups are overwritten/deleted after the cycle? Which parameters do I have to set in the init<SID>.sap file and which values?

I would be very happy if you could guide me through this problem.