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Aug 29, 2012 at 05:37 AM

find export statement in the enhancement spot??


hello all,

i am in suport project and have to look into program coded by some one

here in the z report there is bdc program in between which call the tcode S_AC0_52000887

immediately after the call transaction statement for the tcode the next statement is

IMPORT it_customer_ageing FROM MEMORY ID 'CRTN'.

and the table is getting filled with records after the call transaction is executed.

i searched the program of that tcode he has written the export statement in any enhancement spot

but couldn't find

here i have two general questions

1) if we have a import statement and cannort find the corresponding export is there any way to find it

2) if there is any standard tcode how to find the z enhancement spot implementation made in it if any??

please help

thanks in advance