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Jul 06, 2005 at 01:11 PM

object instance in different roll areas


Hello all,

I am delevoping my first BSP application (statefull). The backend is written in ABAP OO. The BSP application is connected by function modules which representing the API.

Now to my ABAP OO problem: Each object is generally instantiated per user in his own roll area. If I change the object attributes in user session 1 and store them in the db, the same object in user session 2 can not determine that it have out-dated attributes. So I´ve written a method "hasChanges" to compare the current timestamp of the object with the timestamp of the record before I call method "getAttributes". In consideration of performance, I think this will be not the best way to ensure that same objects in different roll areas have the latest version of attributes.

Have somebody an idea to handle this or can I be on the wrong track?