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Aug 28, 2012 at 07:48 PM

Showing Fiscal Period according to user input in Bex Report


Hi All,
I have the following requirment for one of the report i am preparing in Bex query.
The user will input fiscal period (Interval) through selection screen and the report will run for that period which is fine.

But there is another requirement that all the months related that period should be shown in the report. Ineed help on this.

For example:-
If user enter Fiscal period as 008.2011 to 008.2012.
Then the on of the field of the of report should show--
August 2011 or 008.2011
September 2011 or 009.2011

October 2011 or 010.2011

Novemebr 2011 or 011.2011

December 2011 or 012.2011

January 2012 or 001.2012

February 2012 or 002.2012 and so on.

I'll really appreciate the help and would like to know the step by step process to achieve this.