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Aug 28, 2012 at 06:45 PM

Merging column titles using Bex


I have a situations where I have set up for my columns, 2 key figures; Current Year Budget and one for Budget Prior Year. To complicate the situation, I have the the Descriptions as (due to versioning and changes on a period-by-period basis):

Budget Vers &PVAR_VERSION_001& as Current Year Budget.

Prior Period Budget Vers &PVAR_VERSION_001& for the prior period budget

My rows are revenue centers. A new budget is done each period. Each is named starting at B01, B02..., B12.

I have calculated the difference between the two columns and named it Current Budget vs. Prior Period Budget. What is would like to see as a result is, where budget B02 is current period, B01 is the prior period, for the column heading of the calculated (yes it is a formula):

Budget Vers B02 vs.

Prior Period Budget Version B01

Bear in mind, if this is run the following period, the result would be:

Budget Vers B02 vs.

Prior Period Budget Version B02

The calculated result is correct, it is the title that I have issues with.

I'm using Netweaver 7.x.

Thank you in advance.