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Former Member
Aug 28, 2012 at 05:04 PM

Historical Difference with General Ledger and Special Purpose Ledger balance


Hi Experts,

There is a historical difference in A1900 between ZA (Special Purpose Ledger) and GL and I’m looking into this to see why. The first account I’ve looked at is 1965500 which has no balance in SAP GL or AP but it has a balance in the ZA. I can see the transactions that are causing this disconnect but not sure how to correct this.

So now unsure why there should be a difference between A1900 in (Special Purpose Ledger )and SAP GL.

Example:- For this particular account - 1965500 - there is no Balance in SAP GL but in Special Purpose Ledger.

There are Old Transactions that seem cleared in AP , but not in Special Purpose Ledger for 1999- 2000.

Can any one explain the reason, how to solve this issue? How to clear the inconsistency between GL and SPL. How to solve this particular issue?