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Aug 28, 2012 at 05:22 PM



Hello colleagues!

Is it possible to add field FIPOS in FMGLFLEXT as a customer field for non leading ledger and do anybody have such pactice?

The situation is the next:

we have activated PSM-FM and assigned fmglflext for non leading ledger. We have customized document splitting and it works well. Now we`d like to collect turnovers on accounts in FMGLFLEXT with the next analytics: Funded Program, Funds Center and Commitment Item. There is no problem with Funded Program and Funds Center - we have added fields ZZMEASURE and ZZFISTL in customizing using transaction FAGL_GINS and than define them as a customer fields for non leading ledger. But i actually don`t understand how should i correctly add Commitment Item, field FIPOS, to collect turnovers in FAGLFLEXT after document splitting.

I`ve already tried to use includes CI_FMGLFLEX04 and CI_FMGLFLEX05 in faglflext and it does not work.

Do anybody have some ideas?

Thanks in advance,