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Aug 28, 2012 at 05:17 PM

SD Condition Types appear under "Other Condition Types" in KEAT



Being a SD consultant, I'm facing the following problem regarding CO-PA integration:

1 - In my pricing procedure I have a condition type called Insurance (ZLD3). The condition type is not statistical in my pricing procedure;

2 - The condition class is A - Discount or surcharge;

3 - The calculation type is B - Fixed amount;

4 - In KE4i, ZLD3 is assigned to a value field called Insurance;

5 - After I post an invoice, in KEAT the condition value appears under Other Condition types, instead of Insurance;

6 - If I activate the Statistical Condition box in my pricing procedure, the condition value appears correctly under Insurance;

My question is:

What is missing in my SD customizing in order to make the condition value appear under Insurance in KEAT?