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Adding additional field in Travel request in ESS

Hello experts,

I would like to add one additional filed in travel request in ESS application. This is for vehicle types (HEAD_PERIO-KZPMF). I have activated also BADi TRIP_WEB_CUSTOMIZING in which we get this data for vehicle type, but is not possible to add field.

If it is not possible to add additional field, is it possible to adjust value range in field HEAD_PERIO-DEPAR (which now holds values Home, Office).

Does someone else have the same problem and how did they solve it?

Thank you for your answer and best regards,


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2 Answers

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    Aug 28, 2012 at 02:05 PM

    Hi Mateja,

    In General: If you want to add additional fields on the WebDynpro Applications you have to add them via Enhancements and further enhance the data flow to make sure the additional field's data also flows into the TE Cluster or somewhere to be stored.

    I would like to ask why you want to add HEAD_PERIO-KZPMF explicitely because, in my opnion, it does not make sense. This field is available with connection to the milage reimbursement in the travel expenses scenario (where it makes sense). I don't understand for what functional purpose you need this field in the request, can you please explain?

    Concerning your second question: the contents of DD-Field HEAD_PERIO-DEPAR come from the Fixed-Value Domain PTRV_DEPARTURE_WORK. It is possible to make an append in SE11 and add values to this domain. If it's about restricting the range rather than extending it, there is no way I know of, because you cannot manipulate the DropDown-UI-Element's in runtime when bound to a domain. Again, can you elaborate more what exactly you want to accomplish? I can only answer in a vast way to vastly asked questions 😉

    Cheers, Lukas

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    • Lukas is correct that you must not mix the WD Java iviews with the WD ABAP iviews and the switch FIN_TRAVEL_1 delivers the WD ABAP functionality starting EHP2 SP05 relative to correct Business Package being installed.

      You can check the iviews and PCD path here:

      Financial Accounting (New)
      Travel Management
        Employee Self-Services
         Homepage Framework
           Define Resources
            Define Resources (Add Entries)

      Check and Compare the "Url Parameter" and "Url for PCD Page" that this is the same as per your entry in client 000

      Notes 1076144 and 1124849 explain more.



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    Sep 11, 2012 at 06:17 AM

    Hi Lukas and Sally,

    we are running on ERP on EHP5 and portal is on SAP_ESS  600 SP13. Also we have active FIN_TRAVEL_1, FIN_TRAVEL_2 and FIN_TRAVEL_3 business functions.

    Yet no luck so far at running the WD ABAP application, hence no Enhancements shown. We tried with adding aditional rules for travel management into user roles and got another link, witch also ran the travel request, sadly without showing "z" fields.

    Can I kindly ask you how did you set up your portal customization to get the WD ABAP application to run? So far wahtever we tried had not work.

    Thank you both, Matevž

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    • Hi Matevz,

      concerning my earlier post:

      Please make sure you have the "Business Package for ESS" at least on Version 1.2, else you don't have the Portal content for the new WD ABAP based scenarios in your portal.

      Please check this. "SAP_ESS" is the XSS-Java Component portfolio for BP ESS x.xx so it is irrelevant here in case you use WD ABAP. Do this by going to http://<your_portal_URL_here>/monitoring/ComponentInfo.

      If this BP is below 1.21, you don't have the Content deployed, and please check the path in PCD I mentioned in my earlier post to verify the Portal COntent really isn't there. Since you are on EHP 5, this BP should be on Level 1.51 and your corresponding XSS JAVA component SAP_ESS should be updated accordingly, I think the corresponding Version is  SAP_ESS 633 SPXX, not sure.

      Cheers, Lukas

      bpess.JPG (14.3 kB)