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Aug 28, 2012 at 10:05 AM

CR4E - How to pass a range parameter


Hi experts,

I have a little issue with the parameter handling of a main and its sub report. The sub report has one range (or interval) parameter - a composed string (company code and date: "2 20120431") - and the main report has one single value parameter for the company code ("2 ") and one range parameter for a date interval ("20120431"). All parameters are defined by a BEX query...

I thought, that I can use a formular in the parameter link of the sub report. But it seams that it's not allowed to create a range as a return value of a formular. Also the attempt to create a link like "2 20120431 - 2 20120531" (like the input variant of a interval in the selection screen of a BEx Query) failed.

Has someone of you an idea what I can do to pass a manually created range parameter?

Best Regards,