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Aug 28, 2012 at 09:48 AM

System Migration Problem


Dear Experts,

Currently we plan to do a migration project.

Our current system is:

ERP5.0 + Solaris 9 + Oracle 9.2 (on SUN SPARC paltform), Kernel 6.40 64bit Non-Unicode

We plan to migrate it to x86 hardware platform, SAP version and database version remains the same (still ERP5.0)

Now we are concerned about which OS we can select, Windows or Linux, and which version of the OS can we use? Windows 2008? or Redhat Linux EL6?

I just searched on the PAM, and strangely found that Windows Server 2008 DO NOT support ERP5.0, only Windows Server 2003 is supported, is it true? and if we choose Redhat Linux EL5, the database can only be oracle database 10.2, not 9.2, so, if we choose Redhat Linux, we can not select EL4 which support oracle database 9.2.

Could anyone help to confirm whether my understanding is right or not?

Another big problem is: as I checked the ERP5.0 will be out of maintenance by SAP by the end of March next year, so, after this migration, we may start to upgrade the SAP system, and on that stage, the OS will also be upgraded from Windows server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 or Linux from EL4 to EL6, this will be additional OS license fees?

So, I am now confused about the following three methods:

1. Migrate current ERP5.0 to x86 hardware platform first, with Windows Server 2003 or Redhat EL4, and then upgrade SAP system on the new hardware platform later, that mean also upgrade Windows or Linux later?

2. Upgrade SAP from ERP5.0 to ECC6.0 firstly on the old hardware, and then do a migrate from SUN SPARC to x86. I am not prefer to choose this method since the old hardware may not be able to upgrade SAP, and the old OS Solaris 9 may not support ECC6.0, we also have to face the fact that we should upgrade Solaris on the old hardware. this also will be a big efforts.

3. Upgrade SAP system from ERP5.0 to ECC6.0, together with the hardware migration (including OS change/upgrade, oracle database upgrading), I am not sure whether this is feasible and the difficulties on it.

Could any experts help to share your opinions? which way you will choose or another way?

Thank you very much for all