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Aug 28, 2012 at 03:28 AM

--Strange Assignment Number during the Manual BRS--


Dear Experts,

During the time of carrying the manual BRS in SAP, what does the system populate in the assignment number of the Clearing Account Line item.

My problem is:

Initially when i ran the BRS in batch input session, the Cheque number which i give as the Allocation number used to come in the Assignment number of the line item of the clearing account i.e., Cheques Issues or Cheques Received accounts. But all of a sudden with no configuration changes made, the system now is picking some other series of numbers, which are going something like 66001, 66002, 66003 and so on, with an initial prefix of Zeros-'0' till it completes the total 18 characters of the assignment number. The sort indicator in the master data of the GL accounts has not been changed, same as earlier as 001-Posting Date. Could you please clarify me why is this happening, and how to fill the Cheque number or the Bank Reference number in the assignment number of the clearing account line item during the Manual BRS process.