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Aug 27, 2012 at 09:31 PM

Multilevel Categorization in 7.1 - Copying from ZMPR to ZMIN with different schema



We have created two Categorization Schema with completely different content, one for Incidents (with only Incidents defined in the Application Area) and another for all other transactions including Problems. The basic functionality worked perfectly except when we create a Problem as a Follow-up Document from an Incident (or Incident from Problem). Then the entered categorization values are attempted to be copied and a warning message displays indicating that 'Schema ZXXXXX_SCHEMA, category XXXXX is not a valid assignment'. This is understandable since the values for the two schema are totally different. The warning message disappears when you save the new message and doesn't stop entry of any new categorization values. Is there any way to configure 7.1 to not copy Categorization data, specifically between two transaction types to stop the warning message? I couldn't find anything in Mapping Rules for Copy Controls configuration that worked.

Thanks in advance!

Paul Maraijko