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Former Member
Aug 27, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Visual Studio 2010/Create Project/Crystal Reports project hangs


I was trying to upgrade to Crystal Reports 2010 on a VS 2008 project but it hung doing the upgrade. I then tried just creating a new project in Visual Studio 2010. Again, it hangs. Tried full reinstall of CR, devenv /resetskippkgs, devenv /resetsettings, ClearCase reinstall (I think it might be ClearCase related). I then ran ProcMon and Visual Studio seems to be stuck in an infinite loop. I think it needs to be Crystal Reports related however, because no other project types hang. Process Monitor shows that it's looking for a file over and over again, but I can't tell what file or why. Anyone seen this and know how to work around it? Windows 7 so I've tried UAC on/off, Administrator/non-Admin.

The last 10 iterations of the procmon log are attached in a CSV file.

Thanks, Chris