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Aug 27, 2012 at 06:10 PM

Material availability time in ATP (Make-to-Order)


Hello Community,

I have a question regarding the process of Make-to-Order.

When I create the sales order, the production order is generated (PP) which defines the start and end dates and times of production.

I understand that the date / time end of production I consider the material is ready to perform picking.

After executed the ATP in sales order, the Material availability date considering the production order finish date, but does not respect the finish time.


Sales Order:

Delivery date: 31.08.2012 12:00

Goods issue date: 30.08.2012 12:00 (1,00 day in rote schedule)

Loading date: 30.08.2012 12:00 (0 day in shiping point)

Material Avail. date: 30.08.2012 12:00

Transp. Plan. Date: 30.08.2012 12:00

Production Order:

Start: 27.08.2012 12:00

Finish: 30.08.2012 14:00

In this case, the Material availability time should be 14:00, but the ATP show me 12:00.

Any ideia why this occurs?

Thank you for your attention.