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Aug 27, 2012 at 02:19 PM

Rounding values


Hi Experts,

My Name Is Eduardo, I am SD consultant in Brazil, and is the first time I post a question on this forum, even I do not know if I'm right in the room, I apologize if not.

My client applies a discount on certain products according to pricing applied.

The problem we are facing is the following: product value is $ 2,326.40.
This price is already with taxes that is already the net value, the ZPR0.
In it is applied a discount of 16.652% the ZA00.

The discount amount is $ 387.392128 rounding up $ 387.40

The value of the discount product should be $ 2326.40 - 387.40 = $ 1,939.00
However appears (which is not wrong), the value of $ 1939.01.
For SAP does not round the discount.

I can round the value up in the discount using transaction V/06.
However, in some cases the value should be rounded down
for example when I have a discount of 16.654% covering the same ZPR0 of $ 2,326.40 the discount amount is increased to $ 387.40 and the final value of $ 1,939.00.

How should I proceed in this case?

Thank you for your attention and help,