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Aug 27, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Portal 7.31: Config Tool: Load error


Hi ,

We are having SAP Portal 7.3 EhP1 system implemented running in virtual server landscape having server instance in one drive and Oracle 11 Db in other drive.

But now this system is not working, as the Oracle File structure has been placed on other drive. Due to this server instance is not working and the jstart.EXE is stopped. I have placed the Oracle file folder back to it’s old position again, but still jstart.EXE is not working.

Even I tried to access Config tool, but due to Database issue it is also not starting.So, require suggestion how to make start this system up again, by resolving system at Oracle database level.........

Config Tool Message when loading Config Tool.bat file:-


Error occured while scanning DB

Msg: Error while connecting DB