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Aug 27, 2012 at 04:21 AM

TO not created for PCN



When i try to create a TO for delivery note, it says the stock is not available. when i check the stock in the particular bin, it is available, but not as a special stock. But when I try to create the TO from VL02N, it is looking for the special stock. And I checked the stock in LS26, following is the results.

922 Posting Change Area

1101 CWH1 0003000105 549- 0 0

1101 CWH1 E 0003000105 549 0 0

WH1 High Rack-1

1101 CWH1 0003000105 549 0 0

I checked the material document related to the first 2 lines, the TO is not created for the PCN.So it is still showing as a normal stock instead of special stock. when I try to create the TO for the same PCN, it says "First select stocks for posting changes".

How to resolve this issue?