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Aug 27, 2012 at 01:30 AM

NWP 7.3 POrtal on Device with SPS 7


Hi Team,

Off late we have found ourselves in a cpickle regarding our NW 7.3 upgrade project Earlier we have couple of applications- custom Java, which we hosted with URL iVIews which were also deployed on our existing 7.01 systems.

Nowe the &.3 PAM does not support Safari or iOS, so we thought Portal on Devide should be the way out. Now as we started gping ahead we had

How to Consume your SAP NetWeaver Portal on any Device: Introduction to follow, then we got to

SAP Documentation on Help Portal.

The things are so different between the the SP5 versions-. the PDF talks about Ajax frameworks and Mobile layouts , which needs to be seperately deployed.

The SP7 version on has totally different terminologies and talks about Smartphone frameworks, which are delivered out-of-the-box.

I am trying to run a simple URL iView on iPad/iPhone.

  • I followwd the SP7 guide from dot by dot. It did not work.
  • Then I tried to mix and match both it does work 😔
  • I get the " Could not open iView. The iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system, or device. Contact your system administrator for more information."
  • I have gone though the note and adjusted theme padding to (0 0 0 0).
  • I am using URL alias. I have also tried devide type/ device group and role to set desktop rules. I could only get the theme color right (as seen i disgusting yellow above)
  • I doubt I might have been issing something from the page and framework point of view.
  • Also tried with Ajax framework as in SP5 guide, but did not work (we did not have the layouts it asked to get deployed, because we re on a out-of-box version)