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Aug 25, 2012 at 06:58 AM

Replenishment lead time in availability check & material master


Hi Experts.

Currently I have a requirement for my customer to show delivery date on order confirmation email even if the stocks are not available in the inventory. We have configured replenishment leadtime active in checking rule & in order confirmation we have multiple delivery dates for order items if quantities are confimed orelse it will not show any delivery date in order confirmation.

Now to fulfill my customer requirement to print delivery dates on order confirmation email I removed the replenishment lead time active from carry out control for availability check and from material master MRP 3 view & now we are able to show delivery dates in order confirmation email. But our rescheduling through back order processing is not working properly, It always confirms the required quantity on requested delivery dates even we have not stock available in the warehouse & we are not able to reschedule the backlogged orders properly.

So please suggest how we can show the Delivery dates properly on order confirmation & reschedule properly in back order processing.

Best Regards,

Shaktiprasad Dash

+ 91 9987160292