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Aug 25, 2012 at 04:49 AM

F-32 Clearing document required profit center


Hi Experts,

My client users posting customer invoice with f-22 and doing partial posting with f-28 (Profit center & Document type DZ).After some time users using f-32, again clearing DZ document with another new invoice.

Ex: Invoice no 10001 (f-22) amount 1, 00,000.00 profit center 111

Partial payment doc no 20001 (f-28) amount 50,000.00 Profit center 111 (Document type DZ)

After few days (using f-32 without Profit center) doc no 20001 (DZ) settling to another new Invoice (Document type CD generating).New Invoice no 10002.

My requirements:

  1. CD document (f-32) required to populate with profit center?
  2. Can we restrict the user not able to do the settlement, document no 20001 (DZ) against another invoice (Invoice no 10002)?

Thanks in Advance