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Aug 24, 2012 at 04:18 PM

Universe connection in IDT



We created multi source universe using Infocube and Excel sheet. We moved universe and connections to TEST but the conecctions are pointing to DEV source only. So how to update the Excel connection to make sure it should point to TEST ????

Ex: Created DSN A and Connection A in DEV (while creating DSN A, we selected the Excelsheet A from LocationA in DEV)

So after migrate to TEST, how to update the same connection A (while Creating DSN A, we selected the ExcelA from LocationB in TEST)???

After I retrieved the universe from the TEST repository, I opened the ConnectionA in data foundation but it is asking to DEV details (I am expecting TEST details). If I try to give the TEST details and login then it is displaying error "System you are trying to access is different from the Original cluster".

How to update the connectionA in TEST to make sure it should pont to DSN A which is pointing to Excel sheetA from locationB (not from LocationA) ???