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Aug 24, 2012 at 08:50 AM

Wrong MAP updation


Hi MM Gurus,

This is regarding an issue with wrong MAP updation during MIRO invoice verification, caused by insufficient stock coverage.

I will explain the exact scenario below:

Material having price control V

MAP = Rs.100

Initial stock = 0 nos.

PO for 6 nos. @ Rs.100 Value = Rs.600

2 GRs made:

GR1: Qty = 2 nos @ Rs.100 (value = Rs.200)

GR2: Qty = 4 nos (value = Rs.400)

Stock after GRs = 6 nos; stock value = Rs.600

MAP after GRs = Rs.100

After GRs, material issued for production (261):

Issue1 : 2 nos @ MAP of Rs.100

Issue2: 3 nos @ MAP of Rs.100

Now, the remaining Stock after 2 issues = 1 no.

stock value = Rs.100

Now, vendor invoice is booked. The invoice price is higher @ Rs.120 (Rs.20 more than PO price of Rs.100)

Invoice 1: 2 nos. @ Rs.120 = Rs.240

Vendor a/c Cr. 240

GRIR a/c Dr.Rs.200

Stock a/c Dr. Rs.20

Price variance a/c Dr. Rs.20

Now the MAP in material master is Rs.120 for available stock 1 no.

Invoice 2: 4 nos @ Rs.120 = Rs.480

Vendor a/c Cr. 480

GRIR a/c Dr.Rs.400

Stock a/c Dr. Rs.20

Price variance a/c Dr. Rs.60

Now the MAP in material master has increased to Rs.140 for available stock 1 no.

Whereas, the final MAP should be only Rs.120.

(MAP should be = Total invoice value of Rs.720 / total invoice qty of 6 = Rs.120)

Obviously, this error is caused by insufficient stock coverage during MIRO.

System does not recognize that the extra invoice price of Rs.20 for available stock is already booked during 1st invoice booking.

It adds the extra price of Rs.20 during 2nd invoice also.

Now, my question is how to correct the MAP to Rs.120 which is the right value.

Is there any Note / correction program to fix this issue.

Please clarify.