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Aug 24, 2012 at 05:53 AM

Kanban With MRP


Dear Expert,

For the above mentioned subject,i m using external procurement stratergy 0001 wrking wth purchase order.Since in kanban wrking wth MRP i maintain matl master as below.

Mrp type-PD,Availabity chk-KP,Prod st loc-maintain e.g GS,now the same st loc i didnt exclude it from mrp in mrp 4 view.The st loc ind kept blank i.e Storage location stock also planned at plant level.

Now the problem is during creating control cycle for the same matl i m not able to select the above stratergy in control cycle stratergy field since i didnt exclude the st loc.If i exclude st loc then i m able to select the stratergy.How to resolve the issue.