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Aug 23, 2012 at 06:51 PM

Convert the ESDMA Bundle into an Unwired Platform Package



Does anyone have an example sup-db.xml file for an Android application that I could refer to? I'm unsure as to what goes in the database name and database-class name fields. The description in the documentation I have seen so far is unclear:

<package name="EXAMPLE" short-name="EXAMPLE" sup-name="EXAMPLE" version="1.0"

java-package="com.sybase.example.db" /* For Blackberry or Application */

cs-namespace="Sybase.Example.db" /* For Windows Mobile Application */

oc-namespace="example_db_"> /* For iOS Application */

<!-- Update with new host and port, listener.url must end with /doe/publish. -->

<property name="listener.url" value="http://<Unwired_Server_host>:<listener_port>/doe/publish" />

<database name="example-database" />

<database-class name="ExampleDatabase" />

<personalization-parameter name="language" type="string" owner="client" />

<include file="afx-esdma.xml" />


  • example-database – replace with the name of the required database file.
  • ExampleDatabase – replace with the name of the required database class.