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Aug 23, 2012 at 05:22 PM

Run Operating System Command Before/After Message Processing (ERROR_OSCMD_NOT_ALLOWED)


Good afternoo,

In the environment I'm working, there are Z program that generates the files (.txt) in the server, in the path \ \ Lob-srvhodie \ sfaqas \ SFAOUT, then zipping need these files in a single folder for later move these folders to the legacy system via FTP, I am researching on the following subject:

In communication channel receiver chn_rcf_ftp_generic_mc1_z need to define the "path" batch that will be executed to zip the folder that is created to execute the program ZPSDR_019 (generates the files. TXT).

The batch archive save in folder on server \\Lob-srvhodie\sfaqas\SFAScript\script.bat

but still can not run the process successfully: generate the file (this is ok 100%, the. TXT are generated in the correct folder) and then generate the zip files (that's the point I'm trying to make it work). The Batch is created correct, when you run the batch "in hand" all existing folders in the directory are zipped correctly. The detail is: how should I put the call in this batch communication channel?

When i saved the comunication channel i receive the message: ERROR_OSCMD_NOT_ALLOWED.

In attach image of communication channel and the attempts.

Anyone have info on the subject?

tks, Vinícius Caetano


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teste1.png (4.7 kB)