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Aug 23, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Can't connect monitored systems to SOLMAN


Hello all!

We recently moved our solution manager system (7.0 enh. p 1 with stack 26) from oracle to a new installation running DB2. (hetro-systemcopy) With this move (export Oracle, import with DB2), we were able to keep the system name the same. However, we weren't able to keep the same IP adress unfortunately.

After the systemcopy, everything looks fine, except for the newer monitored systems which were connected using an agent connection. Recently before the move, we connected newer systems with 720 kernels (.e.g. for monitoring) using RZ21 -> create remote monitoring entry. After the move, the list of "agents for remote systems" under "topology" in RZ21 SOLMAN is empty. Seems kinda logical, since the IP adress of the SOLMAN has changed.. However, whenever i'm trying to reconnect a system previously connected using RZ21 -> create remote monitoring entry, i get error messages regarding the RFC's like:

<SID>_RZ20_COLLECT_162934Error when opening an RFC connection

Error during remote call of SAL_MS_GET_LOCAL_MS_INFO function: Error when opening an RFC connection

..resulting in the fact that non of the RFC's are created. I've also tried to change the existing RFC's to sattelite systems on the solman but to no avail. Checked the CSMREG users etc, even deleted the original RFC's on solman but still no go.

The solman system is running a 720 kernel and has the latest diagnostic agent 720 installed + the matching saphostagent. The sattelite systems are at least running 711 saphostagents. Any thougts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.