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Aug 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM

Update of huge SCM table after system refresh: SQL scripting


Hi Community,

we have an SCM system here in a TEST environment which is a copy from corresponding PRD system. It contains a huge table /SCDL/DF_REFDOC with 50 million entries. One field is REFBSKEY containing the logical system from PRD (46 Mio of the 50 Mio contain this).

This table/field is not covered by SAP's BDLS unfortunately. Usually we did in SQL DB2 as a post action:

db2> update "/SCDL/DB_REFDOC" set REFBSKEY='TCLNT510' where REFBSKEY='PCLNT510'

But now due to the huge size this fills up transaction log and command has to be killed (and wait for rollback :-( )

What we need is a SQL script (better than on ABAP) which allows us a commit after a defined number of records (100.000 f.i.) and then do the next 100.000

Unfortunaty no expert is available here - can someone give some hints?

Any help is highly appreciated