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Aug 23, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Solman 7.1 Portal KPI not visible in Wily EM


Hi All,

I have configured E2E RCA for NW 7.3 Portal system for Solman 7.1. Wily agent is deployed and but the only change is the profile location seen which is different from Solman EHP1.

I am only getting data for GC (i.e heap memory, GC details) but no data for Portal KPI are there in Wily EM (version

Solman EHP1 path was: /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA90/SMDAgent/applications.config/com.smd.agent.application.wily/Bytecode??/IS??/wily

in Solman 7.1 its: /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA90/SMDAgent/applications.config/com.smd.agent.application.wily/Bytecode??/IS??/wily/core/config

Didn't know this before, but after checking the Introscope agent profile log it was checking ext directory which wasn't there as the path location got changed. So i copied the whole ext directory which was in location Bytecode??/IS??/wily/ext.

But doing this there is no use, and i am not able to get any logs as the log is not updated.

What can be the issue here..?


Rohan Hardikar