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Aug 23, 2012 at 02:32 AM

Can I add editable text box using cl_dd_document.


Hi expert,

I need to design a screen with two parts:

Top screen have some text box with amount, one editable field and a button. This screen acts like a header data of sales document but presented like a document.

Bottom screen will be an editable ALV as a detail screen.

When user key in the editable field in top screen and click button. The amount value and some text box on top screen will be updated.

Bottom screen with details data will also be refreshed to reflect the changes.

When user change some editable fields on the bottom screen, the details data will be updated as well as summary data on the top screen.

I am thinking of using cl_dd_document for top screen and editable ALV Grid in the bottom screen. Is it possible to have editable text box in cl_dd_document?

If yes, can some one show me how. I did some work using cl_dd_document to add data and button but not editable I/O field.

If no, can you recommend what technique should I do. I try to avoid classic dialog program and have some basic knowledge of Web Dynpro (NET310 class).

My screen will be called from another screen in work flow and when user click go back, the updated data will be transferred back to the original calling screen in work flow.

Thanks for your suggestion.