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Jul 05, 2005 at 01:59 PM

PCUI/EP: Object Links



There are some object links missing in our system, such as from Opportunity(PCUI Application:CRMD_BUS2000111) to Offer(PCUI Application:CRMD_SALQ) or CRMD_MKTPL (marketing campaign) to CRMD_MKTSEG (profile sets).

I checked the settings, according to the "Implementing People-Centric User Interfaces with Business Server Pages and SAP Enterprise Portal" document and everything is set up, as described in the docu.

For the link between marketing campaign and profile sets I checked the entries in the following tables:

• table <b>CRMC_PRT_OTYPE</b> - standard object type:MARKETINGTARGETGROUP exists

• table <b>CRMT_PRT_MTD</b> - method DEFAULT for the object type is maintained

• table <b>CRMC_PRT_MO</b> - Assignment: method to object type exists

• table <b>CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO</b> - target for the object links is also defined

Client: <i>100</i>



Method: <i>DEFAULT</i>

Priority: <i>23</i>

Implementation Type: <i>S</i>

Application: <i>CRMD_MKTSEG</i>


ID Page/Service: (the whole role url was to long to put it here) <i>ROLES://portal_content/</i>

• table <b>CRMC_PRT_ROLE_RL</b> - single role is assigned to the portal role, as below:

Client: <i>100</i>


Portal Role <i>ROLES://portal_content.....sap_crm.r.concord_marketing</i>

Are there any settings missing? Does anybody have any idea what I have to provide, to set up the URL between Marketing Campaign and Profile Sets (in this case)?