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Aug 22, 2012 at 08:37 PM

sapjvm_4 environmental variables



I refreshed a development solution manager system from production on an AIX system, following a typical dual-stack procedure. Unfortunately when I imported the JAVA stack, the import moved us from Java 1.4.2 to sapjvm_4. The specific versions are:

IBM J9 VM (build 2.3, J2RE 1.4.2 IBM J9 2.3 AIX ppc64-64

SAP Java Server VM (build 4.1.016 19.1-b02, Jan 3 2012 04:38:30

This has been a nightmare.

I opened a customer message several weeks ago, but the response from SAP has been less than enthusiastic or productive. After changing several things, now JAVA won't start. Their latest response was to confirm the environmental variables. They did not indicate which specific variables to look at and I don't have another sapjvm_4 system to compare variables to.

Can someone send me a sample set, preferably for AIX and sapjvm_4 so I'll have a rough idea of what it needs to look like?

I'm not finding a lot of error messages in any of the normal places. In dev_bootstrap I find the following: Threads in SCN with this error frequently point to a bad license. slicense indicates everything is fine.

Thr 01] JStartupICheckFrameworkPackage: can't find framework package /usr/sap/SM1/DVEBMGS00/exe/jvmx.jar

std_bootstrap.out has the following:

[Thr 3085] Wed Aug 22 11:26:36 2012

[Thr 3085] *** ERROR => JsfGetShmVmci: check failed: sRefs.statAccess > SFI_SMA_NOTINIT [jsfxxsproc.c 439]

[Thr 3085] *** ERROR => JsfGetShmVmci: check failed: sRefs.statAccess > SFI_SMA_NOTINIT [jsfxxsproc.c 439]

Thanks for any help,