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Aug 22, 2012 at 03:34 PM

EHP5 Unwanted "CONFIRM" action in the Ext Notifications Email


Hi, We just went live with EHP5. What I need to know is how to prevent the unwanted CONFIRM popup in the extended notifications generated email itself after the user's decision for Reject or Accept. OSS note? Enhancement needed? Something in the workflow that can be done?

EHP4 we didn't have any CONFIRM when the user pressed accept/reject from the email - they are used to just getting the "Workitem executed with decision..." message in an IE window.

In the decision workflow task the CONFIRM option is OFF - this is the old "gui" way to confirm after processing - we've never wanted to use it.

I'm looking through the code now to find the trigger... I truely don't want to have to enhance SWN_SELSEN again but we may have to in order to get rid of this ugly CONFIRM situation. I already had to enhance swn_selsen to get around the sso issues from email...

EXTENDED NOTIFICATIONS EMAIL below....if they select APPROVE in EHP5 it's giving the below CONFIRM/CANCEL option now as well. I have to get rid of this step...

New CONFIRM / CANCEL --- We don't want this... 😔

Thanks for any help or direction here.


CONFIRM.jpg (14.0 kB)
approve_rej.jpg (42.7 kB)
TASK.jpg (32.8 kB)