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Aug 22, 2012 at 01:56 PM

How to hide the phone number for the US Permanent Address


I'm configurering the Personal Profile and my customer wants the phone number (communication type, area code and phone number) to be mandatory for the emergency address, but hidden for the permanent address. They should have the option to fill out 3 telephone numbers with only the

first being mandatory.

I have made a z-version of HRESS_CC_PER_DTL_ADDRESS_US and added the elements (COM1, AREA1, TELN1....2,3).

In V_T588MFPROPC I have marked the fields like this:

Version: 10


Structure: P0006

Field Name: COM1 (AREA1, TELN1....)

Check in unused

But the fields are still visible for both addresses.

I'm not sure if I have to enter COM, AREAC and TELNR (without the numbers) or the ones with the numbers (COM1...) in V_T588MFPROPC.

When I mark AREAC and TELNR as unused (and add the fields in the z-configuration), only TELNR is hidden!

Anybody knows how to get rid of the phone numbers for only one subtype?