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Aug 22, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Rebate Cumulation Actuals V/s Accrual


Hello All,

I have configured the rebate process, and maintained the same based on scales, the scales maintained are.

For 1,00,000 1% Rebate

For 2,00,000 2% Rebate

Since the median scale level is maintained for 1% the system will calculate 1% of the order value during billing processing and accrue the same.

I have created sales order A having value of 100,000

However if I create the second sales order and bill the sales order having value worth 1,00,000 the system should be able to cumulate both the sales order and the rebate should be calculated based on 2,00,000 which should be Rs 2000, hence total rebate which is the actual amount should be Rs 3000.

However in the accruals it is calculating 1,00,000- 1000 for sales order A and again 1000 for Sales Order B hence the system is showing the accrual amount as Rs 2000.

Where in the system can I check the actual rebate amount which would be Rs 3000, I can see the accrual amount under Vbo2 under rebate payment drill down I can see the accrual amount which is Rs 2000, the rebate agreement is configured as manual, appreciate any responses on the same.

Kind Regards