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Aug 22, 2012 at 02:28 AM

How to make Dynamic groups dynamic?



I am relatively new to SAP IdM and have been trying to set up a dynamic group to be dynamic - i.e. I would like the membership to be calculated as things change.

I have set up an autoresolve interval and referenced the apppropriate attribute for resolve, but when I add a new user with a suitable value in that attribute, they do not get added to the dynamic group membership. If I recalculate the dynamic group in Identity Centre, then it works.

I had a search and did find a 2 year old thread on here ( which details the same issue and is still unanswered.

Can anyone tell me if this feature is meant to work or do I have to write a script for this?

If it does not work, maybe a better name for these entry types would be criteria based group, because "dynamic" does sort of imply some sort of dynamism.