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Aug 22, 2012 at 01:39 AM

Domain Fixed Values in HANA


Hi Experts,

Below are the details of domain fixed values:

Domain Fix Values are used for several fields. They are basically simple value lists with

language dependent texts. Actually values are stored in database tables (DD07L, DD07T).

During the initialization of the replication a python script is executed that creates two tables

for each used Domain. Please consider that currently only those domain values are taken

that are active (Field AS4LOCAL = 'A' in DD07T).

The naming convention for these tables is DOM_<Domain Name> for the Domain values

and DOM_<Domain Name>T for the language dependent texts (Example: DOM_FKREL


They are located in the same schema as the replicated tables.

You can build Attribute Views for those tables to be used in analytical or calculation views.

Please include both related tables and create a text join with language field DDLANGUAGE.

Include field DOMVALUE_L as key field in the output structure and add field DDTEXT

(Description mapping (for DOMVALUE_L to field DDTEXT of joined text table) does not

work with all clients).

Recommendation is to change Attribute Name and Description to the name of the Domain.

Domain fix values are created for ECC and for CRM separately.

This is currently done by a set of SQL statements that need to be executed via SQL


I did not find any python script or SQL script or mechanism to create tables for domain fixed values.

Could you please guide.